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These classes teaches you how to paint and express yourself through art on

a subconscious and abstract level. Expressing yourself creatively through art helps you to release and explore your inner self. 


The techniques I am using and demonstrating are manly based on Acrylics. Acrylic colours dry fast and are therefore convenient for this art style  as we are after to capture the moment. 


Many of us work long hours without being able to express ourselves and we build up a lot of emotions and stress. Expressing your self through art helps you to discharge all the overflowing energy. It’s a way of freeing and balancing your mind. A new step into a new direction and open up your inner sources of daily creativity and inspiration.


This Class is suitable for everyone, experienced or not experienced. 








What You Will Learn

-Colour mixing

-Brush techniques and various other techniques I use to express. 

-How to express yourself through art with acrylic colours

-How to let go of internal blocks to be creative and free

-OtherTips and tricks for acrylic medium



What You Get


-Essential materials provided, brushes, tools, colours.

-Canvas to take home after class

-Expert guidance from an experienced artist!

-Amazing inspiring ocean view in a bohemian art studio atmosphere




1 lession/workshop 2h (2ppl or more$50) (private $75)

3 lessons of 2h (2ppl or more $130) (private $200)

5 lessons of 2h (2ppl or more $200) (private $320)








"Art is the journey of a free soul"

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